rhode island


Ashley x Jared

Newport, Rhode Island


—  Legacy, moments, authenticity.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”
— When Harry Met Sally

This truly is all about you guys. This is your story, the story of two life journeys coming together…the story of finding ‘the one’, the story of being found. This is your love story in every sense of the word and we consider it an immense honor and privilege to be able to document it. We listened to your story, we see the ‘spark’ between you, the small touches, we feel that almost giddiness in both of you at the sight of the other. We watched an entire interview where you guys stayed so close, never moved away from one another, tucked into one another. We can feel it, yes, this is the real deal! And it is intoxicating!

“He tells me every day I’m the luckiest man alive!”


For us, as visual artists, the authentic interaction between the two of you is pure gold. It is what we look for, we hunt for it at weddings, and true connection like yours is a rare and incredibly beautiful thing. It moves us and this is what produces true images of beauty, style, legacy! We are in pursuit of your “singular”, that one thing that defines you as a couple, and your authenticity is what we need to succeed…and this, you have in spades.

“I gotta go see about a girl…”


We love the setting you have chosen for this celebration and hearing Troy describe it all has us dreaming up images already. We cannot help it! Pure elegance and style will be the context, and you guys in celebration with your family and friends will be the substance. This will be a day to remember.


In your photographs, you can expect a timeless aesthetic that is simple, quite honestly capturing moments that are authentically you.


There are no preconceived ideas of how this incredible experience of your wedding celebration will look. No. There is a sacredness, a '1of 1' uniqueness to your wedding that is so precious to us we dare not alter it. Rather we will move with you, reactively documenting you guys exactly as you are, in pursuit of that "decisive moment". We will laugh with you, and yes more than likely we will shed some tears with you as well. Our commission is to capture you guys exactly as you are. Your expression of yourselves!

Our approach is simple; explore, collaborate, experience and create, always pursuing the singular. We believe that our unique worldview and ability to connect with people is what allows us to create imagery that stands alone, work that is emotional and connected and nuanced; art.


“Our commission is to understand you, recognize what is important and capture you exactly as you are.”

— James x Schulze


James x Schulze stands on the foundation of quality in artistry and love for exploration. Blending styles of documentary fine art and editorial work, weddings can be shot both digitally and on film allowing for a richness in imagery, in experience, and in exploration that is truly singular.




Proposal x Creative Fees


August 10, 2019

Up to four hours of rehearsal dinner coverage by James x Schulze

Location - Newport, Rhode Island

150+ images delivered

August 11, 2019

Ten hours of wedding day coverage by James x Schulze

Location - Rosecliff Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island

1,000+ images delivered

Unbound Folio with 10 Hahnemuhle Fine Art Prints in handmade clamshell box

Personal rights to all high-resolution images

A digital archive download of the high-resolution images

Private online proofing gallery

Personal pre-wedding consultations

Inclusive of all travel expense

Total 31,000