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—  Sony. Pursue the singular.



What is the luxury wedding market? How can I charge more for the work that I do? This talk will break down the nitty gritty business side of luxury wedding photography; understanding your market, brand identity, pricing and sales strategies. If you are a wedding photographer struggling to make ends meet, without working yourself to exhaustion and burn out, this is for you. Or maybe you just want to make more doing what you are currently doing…this is also for you! This is about giving you the practical tools and information you need to succeed.


Part I - Take Aways


  1. Introduction to the Luxury Wedding Market. James x Schulze have a combined 30+ years of experience in the wedding industry and over 10 years in the luxury wedding industry. Here we discuss our background and skills necessary to succeed in the industry. Additionally, we will clearly define the varying markets in the wedding industry, including the luxury market and how these strategies can be used across markets.

  2. What do you want? Goal Setting and understanding your market What do you want for your life, for your business? We want to help you clearly identify your goals and the market(s) you are pursuing. This will inform everything else in your business and is critical to your success as a photographer. We will walk you through, the hows and whys of understanding what you want.

  3. Your Brand Identity. Branding is not just a logo, it is so much more. James x Schulze discuss what branding is and isn’t; brand positioning and strategy and why this all is important to your chosen market.

  4. Pricing and Sales Strategies for the Luxury Wedding Market. Revenue is at the heart of any business, this after all, is why a business exists. James x Schulze have develop specific strategies for generating leads and closing sales that will be invaluable to any business. Additionally, we discuss pricing structures that will optimize revenue and be specific to the market.


Sony Gear. The making of an image.


This talk would be a follow up class to the class on business and would allow us to speak more specifically to Sony gear and why and how it has changed how we make images. Included, will be a dissection and discussion of 10 images that could have only been created with Sony cameras. Simply, this is why we use Sony and how it informs our work. Additionally, we would like to incorporate a Q/A throughout the discussion so attendees get the most out of the session and have specific questions answered.


“Our commission is to understand you, recognize what is important and capture you exactly as you are.”

— James x Schulze


“Artists extraordinaire!”

— Susan Crown, Owner, The Little Nell


Pursue the singular.