Cultivate the Exceptional


—  Beauty, legacy, style. Pursue the singular.

Cultivate the Exceptional. This is really about you. Truly, this is ALL about you, the two of you–your connection, your experience, your story, your pursuit of the singular. We have no preconceived ideas of how this incredible experience of your wedding day will look. No. There is a sacredness, a '1of 1' uniqueness to your wedding that is so precious to us we dare not alter it. Rather we will move with you, reactively documenting you guys exactly as you are, in pursuit of that singular moment that defines your legacy. We will dream and adventure with you in pursuit of that singular image of you in the landscape; that image that for you, truly illustrates what beauty means on your wedding day. These kinds of photographs don’t happen by accident, so our commission is to understand you, recognize what is important and capture you guys exactly as you are. You, as you pursue the singular!


James x Schulze have spent the past 20 years chasing experiences.


From photographing weddings on the Great Wall of China to quiet nuptials on top of a mountain peak, weddings for celebrities such as the Ralph Lauren family in New York, to intimate gatherings in the Bahamas. Each a unique experience, primed for the pursuit of the singular.  

Our approach is simple; explore, collaborate, experience and create, always pursuing the singular. We believe that our unique worldview and ability to connect with people is what allows us to create imagery that stands alone, work that is emotional and connected and nuanced; art. James x Schulze is two award-winning photographers who “shoot side-by-side”, with one unparalleled creative voice. This dynamic voice is one that is at the same time, disparate and complementary, simple and dramatic, captures beauty and emotion, the smallest of details and sweeping landscapes.


“They shoot weddings with the deft eye and casual air of a classic photojournalist.”

— Rangefinder Magazine


Your story starts here


— James x Schulze stands on the foundation of quality in artistry and love for exploration. Blending styles of documentary fine art and editorial work, weddings can be shot both digitally and on film allowing for a richness in imagery, in experience, and in exploration that is truly singular.