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Baha Mar, Bahamas


—  Authenticity, collaboration, trust. Pursue the singular.

It’s NOT about you! - Why the client is the most important story.

What is the most important story at a wedding in 2019? For many artists and creators; planners, florists, designers and especially photographers - the recent trends have been to make the wedding day about us. We make it about our art, about what we can do, about where we have come from, about our story. But this is far from the truth, the truth is, it’s NOT ABOUT YOU! Our talk will guide the attendee through why the client, collaboration, and trust are and should be the most important story of the day and how that pays dividends to the business in the long term.


ENGAGE! Take Aways


  1. It’s NOT about you! This truly is all about the bride and groom, the two of them together –their connection, their experience, their story. We should have no preconceived ideas of how this incredible experience of your wedding celebration will look. No. There should be a sacredness, a '1 of 1' uniqueness to each wedding that is so precious to us, that we dare not alter it. Our jobs as creatives are to move with each one, reactively planning, designing and documenting each client exactly as they are, in pursuit of the singular moments and experiences for each one. Each commission should be to capture the essence of who the client is and translate that into events and experiences that have never existed…and never will again!

  2. Trust. The greater gift. Trust. The greater gift. Sure, if we are good at our jobs in this industry, we make good money. But as creatives, the greatest gift we can receive is trust. In every relationship, trust is created – created, but also destroyed, too – in very small moments. In those small moments when we actually listen to what is said, those small moments of follow through, those small moments of kindness….and it is in these small moments that the client learns something about the relationship that is being built, and about the person, they are learning to trust. Author, Charles Feltman has the most beautiful definition of trust, which is this, “Trust is choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else.” Few things are more important than the most important day in someone's life, their wedding day and when someone places that day into your hands gives you the opportunity to reflect back to them (through your art) exactly who they are, it is beautiful. Trust. It truly is the greatest gift.

  3. The importance of Collaboration. Collaboration! Collaboration! Collaboration! This truly is the heartbeat of our industry, and any creative endeavor really. Even at the starting point of any project, we’ve only arrived because of collaboration. Whatever it is that you do - design, photography, event coordination - you aquired that skill from a history of collaboration. Somoneone else’s and yours. We don’t have original ideas or skillsets. They are initiated, borrowed, formed, developed from the work/collaboration of others. It is woven into the very being of our industry. Case in point, Engage! The vision of two women has evolved and grown through an unimaginable about of collaboration. A collaboration of experience, a collaboration of information, a collaboration of a vision of what we can be as an industry. And from here we go out and do more of the same. All of our work flows from collaboration, WE FLOW FROM COLLABORATION. Our clients commission us with their vision, their story, and we all, with our specific skills, respond in one magnificent collaboration. Truly it is not about us. As photographers we have nothing, absolutely nothing, without the incredible design put in front of us. And as designers they would have no design apart from all the creatives they collaborate with unto that end. Collaboration, it truly is at the heart of the matter.


“Our commission is to understand you, recognize what is important and capture you exactly as you are.”

— James x Schulze


“Trust is choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else.”

— Charles Feltman


Pursue the singular.