Ahuja Albums


Natasha x Marc

Aspen, Colorado


—  Legacy. Beauty. Style.

Heirloom Albums

Collaboration is truly at the heart of everything we do at James x Schulze. Like you, we seek unique and truly elevated experiences, ideas and products. With that in view, James x Schulze offers finely crafted albums for our clients. Our albums feature heavy, expansive pages of Hahnemuhle German Etching fine-art paper with vellum interleaving to protect your images and enhance the visceral print experience. Each albums celebrate the large format print experience with hand sewn signatures has changed the traditional wedding album expectations. Essentially, every page of the album is a fine art print in itself. Professionally designed in house, our books boast heavy weighted archival cotton prints with vellum interleaving, so that each turn of the page is a unveiling of a beautiful mystery. More time is spent looking at and turning every page as viewers absorb each image. This museum-style album, with grand sizes, a lay flat design, and hand-sewn, minimal gutters feature simple and clean covers to protect strong and impactful printed pages.



Ahuja Heirloom(s)


Your wedding celebrations were truly marvelous. From the location, to the fashion, and every last design detail, it was truly singular. Your Heirloom Album is the fitting conclusion to this. Each image carefully curated, masterfully printed, and hand bound. The level of artistry absolutely fitting to your events. This is the piece that you will have to come back to for the rest of your lives. This is you, your story, as living art!

We propose two three volume Album sets. One set for Natasha x Marc, and one set for Namie x Arvind. Each set includes:

Volume I - Sangeet Heirloom Album (88 pages)

Volume II - Welcome Party Heirloom Album (88 pages)

Volume III - Wedding Day Heirloom Album (88 pages)

Pricing (based on size):

Two - 12x12 or 12x14 Three Volume Album sets (6 albums total) - $28,500.00


Two 10x10 or 9x10 Three Volume Album sets (6 albums total) - $21,660.00

Note: 5% multiple book discount is applied.



Every craftsman who works on our albums is an artist skilled in conservation binding techniques that are used in the most prestigious and renowned museums. The process is an involved one, where each album is hand printed and pages are sewn with linen thread for strength and durability. Covers and archival boxes are hand bound with tactile fabrics and embossed titles. With a fierce dedication to time-honored preservation techniques and a love for the singular image, our heirlooms are artisan made from start to finish.